Composting Toilets

We installed the Natures Head 2 years ago and it was the best improvement we did to the boat! The Natures Head fits perfectly back against the hull with the slanted back it has. Also had Natures Head place both controls on the forward side to fit better. We cruise sometimes with some friends who have a new 40 Leopard Cat and they ripped out their new head and holding tank after seeing how well ours works and are now happy converts! Chic n Patti on Estrellita.

We don't live aboard full time just on weekends and 10 day cruises but the composting process works great with no problems or odors.

Chic n Patti on Estrellita, Dec 15, 2016


We have a natures head on Celtic lady (68K). The previous owner put it in about 12 years ago he loved it, we have had the boat 4 years and think it's great. The previous owner took the lid off the holding tank and cleaned it out real good and it became our spare parts and special tools locker. 

The flowers at the boat yard where we place the waste are thriving. 

I would put one in any other boat. 

We did 3 adults for 40 days with no odor issues. The guy I got the boat from did 2 adults on a 7 week New England cruise living on the hook. No problems during the cruise.

Gil SWII 68K December 15, 2016